b3d_gdc2 Speaking at GDC 2014

GDC 2014

Speaking at this years GDC.  Immense zombie horde variety and slicing. Representing Deadrising 3 and Capcom Vancouver.  An in depth look at the zombie creation system. Find out more >>> HERE


wip_space_suit_splashz W.I.P


Works in progress. Stuff I need to finish up.

space_suit_splash_s W.I.P Hard Surface

More W.I.P Hard Surface Practice

dr3 Deadrising 3 Review

Deadrising 3 Review

The long haul is over and the reviews are in!  Check out th IGN review HERE


burkester_2 Cyber Head

Cyber Head

Spit sculpting with hard surface details.  Setting up some multi-mesh brushes and having at it.  This was maybe 2 hours or so of work practice.

Speed_bust Speed Sculpt Busts

Zbrush Speed Sculpting Model Busts

Marvel Focused

skin_guard_sculpt Shin Guards

The Devil is in the Details

desrt_wasp_splash Desert Wasp

Desert Wasp

1 hour speed sculpt.  This one was done a lil while back during a lunch break at work.

b3d_kr_splash5 Kidrobot Customs

Kidrobot Customs

1 of 1 custom toy creations i’ve done.  For more custom toys check out @imaginegiant 

hulksplash Hulk Bust

Hulk Bust

Zbrush render.  Quick scuplt and polypaint. Render test with fibermesh.


boler1973 Boler Camper Restoration

1973 Boler Camper Restoration

This was a labour of love a few years back over the winter.  We’ve had some great little trips down the coast with it since. Gotta love glampin’ !

Check out my restoration photos on Flikr  


burkester_4 Bug Eye Speedy

Bug Eyed Late Night Speed Sculpt.

splash_speed Speed Sculpting

Speed Sculpting in Zbrush

A  collection much older speed sculpt work.  Each of these were about a 1 hour speed sculpt during a lunch break.

splash Sculptris Speedys

More Speed Sculpting Renders

These were done on the fly with Sculptris

Random_Sculpts_Splashs Random Events

Random Sculpts and Renders in here.  Some old lazy day sculpting and playing around with render settings and stuff. Nothing too fancy here.

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